I want to start posting my thoughts here

All I need now are some thoughts!

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I’m trying out Flipboard for the iPad.

I’m trying out that app for the iPad, called Flipboard. It’s freaking awesome so far. What it does is gathers all the tweets from people you follow on Twitter and your friends status messages on Facebook and sets them up in a magazine fashion. With sections, photos, videos, and focused quotes (tweets) and you can even flip the pages with finger swipes. It’s a pretty neat way to stay updated on both social networks.

I’m really loving this app. It even made me want to follow a lot of my favorite celebs on Twitter, lol. Now it’s more like a real magazine with only my fave celebs and recent news, thoughts, and info about them. You can even reply or retweet their messages from within the app, which has a beautiful UI and even a cool front page that shows the latest pictures from your Facebook friends and Tweets that pan the screen. Another thing I like is the ability to follow people and lists on Twitter. If you find a good one like iPad Guru, which updates with photos and articles a lot, Flipboard becomes even more like a magazine. With lists, it’s the same thing, only with much more content to read from people tweeting about that subject.

I consider Flipboard one of those must-haves for the iPad. It even inspired me to say the word “tweeting” for the first time.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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